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Looking to get a superstar pet portrait from the start? It all starts with the quality of the photo you send us. We draw your pet portrait using the photo supplied by you. That's why it’s crucial for us to get the highest quality photo you have. Take a look at these tips so we can get it right the first time!


  • Lighting is important. Make sure it is a photo taken with lots of natural light. Sunlight works best but a bright room is fine too!
  • Use a high quality camera. Smartphone or digital cameras work best. 
  • A photo taken from eye level with your pet facing you is preferred. Other positions will work but keep in mind that is how they will be illustrated.
  • Please note that any items in the photo will be drawn. That included collars, leashes, bowties and your crazy Uncle Bob. No, we can edit Uncle Bob out for you. 

Good Photo Example

  • Good Position- Eye Level

  • Good lighting
  • Head and Chest visible

Bad Photo Example

  • Looking up at camera

  • Ears cut off

Bad Photo Example

  • Super Cute but Buster’s face is hidden

  • Not facing camera
  • Can not see chest